Singing & Vocal

~ Beginner, intermediate and advanced

Adults, Teenagers, Children

Everyone can sing!

Our voices are the most extraordinary musical instruments. I am passionate about creating a space for you to discover and fall in love with your honest expression and unique sound.

My approach to singing is holistic. I invite you to free your natural voice by exploring your breath, mind, body and heart through vocal exercises, meditation, movement, Song & Sound. From this foundation, there is freedom to follow your curiosities and sing the music you love.

My role is to support you to let go of your inhibitions and guide you to explore vocal freedom so that you can connect to your true sound: all music genres, languages and ages welcome, from beginners to professionals — small group lessons available, e.g. duo and a trio — private lessons held at my studio in Northcote.

~ What you can explore in your private lessons

Singing & Vocal Training:

  • Songs - All Genres and Languages

  • Songwriting

  • Scales and Music Theory

  • Sight Reading

  • Improvisation

  • Breathwork

  • Movement Practices

  • Vocal Anatomy and Physiology

  • Meditation and Relaxation Exercises

  • Vocal Sound Journeys

  • Sound and Voice Therapy

  • Vocal Health and Repair

  • Sound Weaving - deep dive self-exploration through meditative singing and sounding

Performance Techniques:

  • Performance Skills - authentic connection with your audience, storytelling through song, transforming nervous energy, projection, body language

  • Audition Preparation

  • Acting Monologues

  • Poetry and Spoken Word

  • Microphone Techniques


  • Vocal Meditations

  • Woman’s Chants and Songs

  • Kirtan - Call-and-Response Devotional Chants

  • Chanting & Mantra

Learning new ways of vocalising, performing and chanting take time, effort and patience. You may be changing habits that date back to your birth. These changes will not happen overnight; they take kindness, dedication and discipline.

At least 4 - 8 one hour lessons work best to learn the foundations of this Singing & Vocal practice.

~ Others experiences

I have had the privilege of learning about the power of voice, body & breath (and the fundamental interconnection between all three) from Jacinta for over 10 years now. She offers something truly unique by drawing on her years of musical expertise, ability to truly listen and incredible intuition. Using song and sound as a vehicle, Jacinta has not only helped me to discover my own voice but has also encouraged me to embrace the challenges and nourish my inner child. And I have loved every moment so far!!
— Charmaine Lewis

~ Investments

Book Now - Private Singing & Vocal Lessons

Book Now - Private Singing & Vocal Lessons

Adults (aged 20 and above)


1-hour lesson $70
4 block x 1-hour lessons $240
8 block x 1-hour lessons $470

*Student Discount 1-hour lesson $60


1.5-hour lesson $90
4 block x 1.5-hour lessons $345
8 block x 1.5-hour lessons $680

*Student Discount 1.5-hour lesson $75

Teenagers (aged 13 - 19)


1-hour lesson $55
4 block x 1-hour lessons $200
8 block x 1-hour lessons $390


1.5-hour lesson $75
4 block x 1.5-hour lessons $285
8 block x 1.5-hour lessons $560

The results showed that children who had started individual music lessons developed a better awareness of their “aim” and “force” in relation to their own motor skills as well as improving their “fluid intelligence” – which is the ability to solve new problems, use logic in new situations, and identify patterns.
— Dawn Rose

Children (aged 12 and below)

30-minutes (for children 8 and below)

30-minute lesson $30
4 block x 30-minute lessons $115
8 block x 30-minute lessons $225

1-hour (for children 9 and above)

1-hour lesson $45
4 block x 1-hour lessons $170
8 block x 1-hour lessons $335


~ Extra offerings

Buy a physical or digital Gift Voucher for Birthday’s, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Christmas and other Special Occasions available for Private Lessons and Group Workshops.

Small group singing lessons available, e.g. duo or trio, available for all the above private lessons, please inquire!