The Sound Weaver

A public, live art interactive prayformance exploring singing and sound.

The Sound Weaver explores the raw wildness and harmonious nature that lives deep within all of us.

Join The Sound Weaver (Jacinta Percy) on an 8-hour vocal and sounding improvisation. As she tears off the shackles of what we think singing and sounding should be, by allowing herself to surrender to the music that breathes through her.

During the prayformance, Jacinta will sit, move, breath, and sound the life that pulses through her. While blindfolded, exploring the boundless potential and raw wilderness of her voice and its expressions, cultivating a place of prayer through intention. The Sound Weaver invites members of the public to gather in silence, meet in sound and breathe their intentions into form.

~ The Sound Weaving journey

During the first three hours, you are invited to come and witness her tune in and transform the space setting intention with every song and sound. Listening deeply to every moment of creation and allowing the imperfect to be perfect.

For the remaining five hours of the prayformance, Jacinta invites those witnessing, who feel moved to join her in a spontaneous, raw collaborative vocal and sound improvisation. This is an opportunity to dive deeply together into the unknown, dissolving the barriers that keep us separate.

Feel free to come and go as you like, but the artist suggests that members of the public spend at least thirty minutes to one hour in the space to deeply connect with silence and sound.

What happens when we witness another in their creativity and pleasure?
What happens when we are moved and share our own magnificence with others?
What happens when a community comes together in sound and creates a place for gratitude? A place for prayer, a place for rest, a place to surrender and a place to feel their inner awakenings and yearnings?

Date and Time: Sunday, November 20th, 2016, 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM
 Soma Art Gallery, 421 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, VIC 3056

I Sing to You

I sing to you
so you may sing to you.
So you may feel your whole being
so you may realise you are perfect and as imperfect as every shell that washes up on the shore, cast and bound,
by the waves unrelentless tide.
I am open to you, so that you may know the galaxy that sparkles inside and outside you, that at your essence you are,
From the dust of stars to the falling leaves, we breathe all life together.
Life and death are, but a circle that swirls divides and brings us back together, to our place of rest.

May you stay strong yet soft and true to the calling of your name, to the heartbeat that drives you to be here,
in the present moment alive, in this flesh.
Flesh made from heartache and pain, flesh made from memories of times gone by,
flesh made from the nectar of your mother’s bosom, flesh made from the fruits of this land,
flesh made strong by our constant cry for home.
As I sit here, I carve this flesh, my flesh into a temple, for it is my home,
and as a queen of this temple, I fill every room, every crevasse, every shadow with the sweetest of smells,
the simplest of treasures and the brightest of lights.
To adore it’s changing ways, to be ever silent to the mysterious current that pulses through cell, heart and spirit.

Here I stand naked for all to behold.
So that you may behold yourself, in all your magnificence and glory.

~ How to book performances

Jacinta is available to perform at events, rituals and ceremonies. Throughout the year, she facilitates and co-facilitates many workshops. If you would like to keep up to date with her latest news, please sign up to The Sound Weaver Newsletter.

Email: jacinta[at]
Phone: 0498 489 165