What Jacinta’s students have said about their music lessons and sound workshops:

Jacinta holds wonderful space for those willing to explore their voice. I’ve grown so much in my ability to express myself through personal private lessons and Sound Circles with her. It’s a treat always to come as it connects me back to myself through my sound every time.
— Abigail Tamsi
Jacinta is a super soulful teacher of voice and spirit and a beautiful keeper of the circle. Her joyful humour merges with knowledge and wisdom that connects people in profound ways. I’ve loved every circle that Jacinta has led me through and am grateful for the meditative space I can move into with her guidance to play with the embodiment of the voice.
— Amber Ward
Chanting with Jacinta has been a beautiful, transformative experience, there is something powerful about sitting in a circle, with the community, sounding out and feeling held in safe space. Jacinta’s deep love and connection to the healing power of sound shines through in her teachings, and she guides from a place of authenticity and compassion. Her sharing of knowledge on the meanings behind the Mantras is inspiring. She brings a deeper understanding of the work. The throat chakra is a powerful energy centre and can be emotionally potent. I am grateful for having this space to work with the throat, clearing any blocks, to be open and vulnerable, to chant, to find a collective sound and to speak my truth straight from the heart, with more clarity. So much love for her beautiful teachings and the magic that is sound. What an incredible woman, keep on shining your light.
— Beata Rose
I have had the privilege of learning about the power of voice, body and breath, the fundamental interconnection between all three from Jacinta for over ten years now. She offers something truly unique by drawing on her years of musical expertise, ability to truly listen and incredible intuition, using song and sound as a vehicle. Jacinta has not only helped me to discover my voice but has also encouraged me to embrace the challenges and nourish my inner child. I have loved every moment so far!
— Charmaine Lewis
Jacinta is simply magical. She has been instrumental in helping me uncover and connect with my voice in new ways. I have so many deep experiences in my private and group sessions with her. She is a talented facilitator who truly sees her students. She holds space quite unlike anyone else I have met. And I believe this is why I have gotten so much out of her classes. If you are curious about finding your authentic voice, studying mantra, or singing, she is the woman to see.
— Christina Gagnier
Jacinta is an amazing being of light. She has helped me transform my relationship with my voice and communication. I’ve participated in her song and sound workshops, her chanting and mantra workshops, and additionally one on one voice lessons with her. Below are only a few examples of what I’ve gotten out of this powerful work.

- Increased confidence in voice and ability to speak up and ask for what I want and need from others
- Acceptance of all aspects of the self (the great and challenging parts)
- The ability to share and be vulnerable to others

I have released a lot of old stories around my voice and creativity. I found this work particularly healing for my inner child.
— Dina M. Smirnova
Jacinta is an incredible person and teacher. I am not a confident singer, especially in lessons, however, Jacinta made me feel comfortable and relaxed and able to release sounds that I didn’t know were possible. Jacinta is a bubble of love and warmth and you feel safe and happy in her presence. I’m so excited for my next lesson.
— Emily Sara
In 2012, I started going to Jacinta for vocal and performance coaching. She’s taught me about and made me more aware of diaphragmatic breathing and singing/talking/laughing as a whole of body/breath experience. In her music studio, she had a wall covered with photos and other memorabilia. On one of the pieces of paper tacked to the wall was written one word: “LOVE”. During the breathing exercises and scales, my eye always seemed to settle on this one piece of paper with its secret message. One day, I asked Jacinta what that was all about. At least I think I did. However, it might have just come up in conversation.

Jacinta has taught me to become aware that our intention always shows up in the result of your work. So, if our purpose is ego-ridden or fear-based, the result will also be ego-ridden and produce fear. She told me that the most manifest intentions are those based on the energy of love and that love is the most powerful energy on earth. From personal experience and expanding awareness, I have to say that I agree.

I write, and I perform because this is a practice that teaches me to observe honour, respect and practice LOVE.
— Fadzai Jaravaza
When my partner bought me six singing lessons with Jacinta Percy I was apprehensive, but what a joy it turned out to be. Jacinta has the blessed talent of making you feel supported and safe as well as encouraged, as you start your journey of the voice.

JP is a wonderful teacher, who encouraged and allowed me to open up my voice and begin to sing with confidence. I then begrudgingly joined her choir, only to be challenged all over again and enjoy every minute of it. My choir mates all became close friends as we explored our voices and singing together. It has been a great pleasure to be taught and mentored by this talented person. I can thoroughly recommend you take this ride with Jacinta. Gavan Smith still learning!
— Gavin Smith
Jacinta is an inspiration. She knows how to connect with people and uses her unique talents to bring out the best in everyone. Jacinta is very respectful of people’s individuality and has a calm and graceful way of working with people alone or in groups. She also has a great voice and is able to bring a sense of magic and laughter with her into each session to share with others.
— Jenny Macaffer
Jacinta is a fantastic person and a fantastic teacher. Singing with others is daunting for most people but Jacinta makes you feel safe and supported while gently pushing your limits to unlock new potential. You’ll feel deeply connected to your fellow singers (in group classes) and the vibrations from their sounds will resonate with your mind, body and soul. All you have to do is turn up and let Jacinta take care of you.
— Jonathan Wilkinson
One goes to Jacinta’s class with anticipation and ease, as she knows you musically and has the special gift of seeing where you would like to be taken. This can be for the beginner or a professional who hasn’t explored this side of themselves. Somehow her love of teaching catches you. The time she gives, getting to know you in a professional way makes the whole lesson very special.
— Mary Ferrier
Getting to know myself through my own sound has been transformative. There’s something deep that has shifted for me after getting truly acquainted with the sound of my own voice. Working with Jacinta through the Song and Sound workshop series has been like meeting a dear, long-lost friend who knows things about you which you don’t yet, only to have them revealed through her ability to teach with fierce, loving kindness and vulnerability.
— Morgan Lee Cataldo
I really love Jacinta’s approach to singing. She takes people on a journey to find their own voice and does so with effortless grace. I highly recommend her to anyone thinking to explore themselves in any way!

Go for it!
— Nicolas Spadaccini
Every voice session I have with Jacinta allows me to break through limitations and to access parts of myself and my voice that I didn’t know existed. She creates a warm, safe space where I feel comfortable to open up and express myself. Jacinta is so present and focussed on my needs at each moment. Every session is full of wisdom, power, clarity and joy!!!
— Nyree Shand
This lady has an uncanny knack of teaching a visual person all about his own sounds, by making me visualise what I can do with my own voice. She has the power to use words that sometimes I think I would only understand, and it works. “Paul, that sounds good but make the sound darker... jump over the note ... you’re in the pool and splashing about and it’s great.” Despite the apparent nonsense of it all, she’s helped me sing Pavarotti!!!
— Paul Emerson Teusner
Jacinta is an incredible teacher, healer, space-holder and sound weaver. I am so grateful to have found her. I had been looking for an intuitive and embodied singing teacher for such a long time. She has supported me to open up and help me unlock my sacred voice and songs. Each session has been a magical adventure of the embodiment, sacred creation, voice medicine and diving very deep into sound and resonance. I have learnt so much and blossomed so much from working with Jacinta, and I cannot recommend her and her work highly enough.
— Sara Brooke
Jacinta is a divine sound-weaver, fearless facilitator, hilarious jokester! Dear friend and teacher. My singing journey with this woman has been amazing. Singing has always felt to me to be the most subtle and sincere expression of the soul. As such, it has always been a scary and revealing process. What Jacinta does with such compassion and strength is to hold this dynamic space for you to relax, unfurl and find your true voice. Her commitment to supporting your process of growth is unbelievable; it’s unwavering. I am so grateful for her generosity, her wisdom and her belief in me - in song and sound.
— Sarah Jovanoski
Life changing! This is the work that gets to the core of my being and helps free me up to be more truly who I am. At a more practical level, I am becoming more and more confident and comfortable with my voice and being seen and heard by others, without shame. I would recommend this work to anyone who wants to tap into an energy field that is much larger than they can even imagine. 5 stars!
— Shane Delonix
Jacinta is a talented, playful and intuitive teacher whose guidance I’m incredibly grateful for. Her lessons and workshops are helping me to become a better singer, but more than that they’ve helped me become more aware of the ways in which I hesitate and censor myself. Playing with harmony, sound, and rhythm she has gently and joyously guided, me to express myself more freely and more genuinely through song. Listening to her sing often moves me to tears.
— Sylvia Rowley
Jacinta has an incredible ability in teaching holistically and tailoring her work to your needs. She brings sound to life in a unique way, assisting with the embodiment of joy through freedom to express and sing. Each session she tunes in, and I have felt her work on a deep and profound emotional and spiritual level, not just a physical one.

She has helped me find the bliss that overcomes the fear of the sound.
— Taj Scicluna

Among her many clients are the following businesses, schools and universities, government, community arts and cultural development organisations:

  • Association of Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres (ANHCA)

  • Australian Army Corps

  • Brimbank Youth Services

  • Brunswick Secondary College

  • City of Whittlesea Youth Services

  • Dance of Life Centre of Yoga and Healing

  • Fitzroy Community School

  • Footscray Community Arts Centre (FCAC)

  • Glenroy Secondary College

  • Grace Revolution

  • I Am That - Yoga

  • John Fawkner College

  • Kick Gallery

  • Liberty Financial Group

  • Liquid Room

  • Mayibuye

  • Melbourne City Mission

  • Moreland City Council

  • Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV)

  • Neisha Clothing

  • North Richmond Community Health (NRCH)

  • Northcote Uniting Church - Chalice

  • Original Self – The Art of You

  • Pascoe Vale Girls College

  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT)

  • Saptaparni

  • Save the Children

  • School for Social Entrepreneurs Australia (SSE)

  • Seed Yoga + Wellness

  • United Nations Youth Australia

  • Women of the World Festival (WOW)

  • Yarra Youth Services

  • Youth Support + Advocacy Service (YSAS)

  • 13 Moons Blood Mysteries